Daniel Zolnikov

Montana State Representative

Chairman of the House Energy Committee

Candidate for Montana Public Service Commission

I am officially running for the Public Service Commission!

Right now, the PSC is in need of help. From some commissioners sending inappropriate emails, to other commissioners not showing up to work for 3 months at a time, our Public Service Commission is falling way below the mark. The PSC has been in non-stop lawsuits that have prevented long-term energy planning and the commission has constantly overreached, acting more like a Washington D.C. bureaucratic agency than a group of elected Republicans. It is time we get someone on the commission who will raise the bar and ensure the commission takes the job seriously. 

I have been elected as a Republican Billings Representative to the Montana Legislature since 2013 where I had a 100% record supporting the 2nd amendment and sat on the tax committee where I helped stop nearly every tax increase. During that time, I served on and chaired the House Energy and Technology Committee where I have spent the last 6 years working on energy and technology policy. I successfully updated major utility and energy laws to ensure Montana had a fair, competitive environment that allowed resources to compete fairly. This may sound a bit wonky, but if you are concerned about having the lowest priced energy possible, my reforms matter. 


The difference between who I am vs my opposition is that while I have fixed and updated energy policy to lower investment risk in the state of Montana, my opposition has made up rules and supported decisions that have led to years of lawsuits, endless judicial activism and a lack of long-term energy vision for the state of Montana. This is irresponsible and dangerous and needs to be reckoned. If elected, I will work to fix the PSC and remove the volatility it has caused the state and the embarrassment it has caused Republicans. 

I am asking for, and would appreciate your vote in the upcoming election.  

- Daniel Zolnikov


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