About Daniel

Daniel Zolnikov is a liberty-minded Republican representing Billings House District 45 in the Montana Legislature. He is a strong believer in gun rights, civil rights concerning our freedoms and liberties, and limited government, and is working to make Montana the Last Best Place for future generations through a stronger job environment, economic freedom, and a simplified tax code.

As a representative who first served in his mid 20’s, Daniel has specialized in 21st Century policy areas addressing the opportunities and risks associated with new technologies. Zolnikov has also lead on energy policy as the Chairman of the House Energy, Technology and Federal Relations Committee.

Daniel has successfully passed laws requiring government to get a warrant in order to access cellphone location information, protect reporters’ electronic communications from government intrusion, and give immunity from MIP laws to minors who seek emergency medical attention. He also helped lead the effort to revise Montana’s outdated transportation laws to allow ride-sharing services like Uber to operate in Montana, which is expected to reduce the drunk driving epidemic in many communities.

Forbes ranked Daniel among the top “30 Under 30” policymakers in the nation, and Red Alert Politics recognized him as one of the country’s Top 30 Conservatives under the age of 30. He has also received the Montana Library Association’s “Intellectual Freedom Award”, along with Responsibility.org’s “Advancing Alcohol Responsibility” leadership award.

Daniel is a strong advocate of transparency in government, and has posted his votes on his public Facebook page. He regularly interacts with constituents on his Twitter profile, @DanielZolnikov.

Daniel received his undergraduate degree from the University of Montana where he earned three business majors in Information Systems, Marketing, and Management, along with a minor in Political Science. Outside of the Legislature, Daniel has worked as a small business consultant and is currently obtaining his MBA.

Daniel enjoys fishing, swimming, and the freedom that only Big Sky Country can offer.